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History of Tullyfergus

The original Tullyfergus herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle was founded in 1987 at East Tullyfergus Farm, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland with the purchase of a bred heifer from the dispersal of the Rashiehall herd.

Further purchases were made from Thornton, Blelack and Netherton herds.

In 1995 the cow Hoff Lady Hi Spade sc925, a maternal sister to Scotch Cap, was bought for $10,700 at the Hoff mature cow herd sale.

This cow was then taken to Canada where she was flushed to the best US bulls we could obtain.

These included Hoff Great Western, Woodhill Alliance, TC Stockman 365, Stevensons Fortune 425C and GDAR Traveler 044.

The embryos from these matings were imported to Scotland in 1996 and ’97 and transplanted into our commercial cows.

The progeny from this venture was to have formed a major part of our future breeding program, however, the opportunity to come to the USA and breed Angus cattle in the country that not only has become the largest beef registry in the World was too good to pass up.

This country is also recognized throughout the World as a fountainhead of new genetics. The 1st Tullyfergus Herd was dispersed at Perth Agricultural Centre on September 26th 1998. The sale set a new record for an Angus calf sold in the UK. ‘Lord Forteviot X42 of Tullyfergus’ was just 3 months old when the hammer fell at 6,500 guineas ($11,500) to the joint buyers David Ismail, Fordel and Carolyn Fletcher, Barwise Hall.

In the intervening years ‘Forteviot’ fully justified his new owner's confidence by first developing into a massive, well muscled and structurally correct bull with tremendous breed character and then through his first progeny.

Tragically Forteviot was lost when the Barwise herd was culled due to Foot and Mouth disease in the summer of 2001.

Other embryo progeny went on to be herd bulls at Tofts (James Playfair-Hannay), Fordel (David Ismail), Tree Bridge (David Evans), Balaldie (Finlay Munro) and Cultybraggan (Dr. James Irvine. A number of leading herds have also used Forteviot by AI including The Moss (John Moores) and Mosston Muir (Tom Rennie).

The 2nd Tullyfergus herd was founded in January 2000 with foundation cows from the Kyburg Black Angus Farm.

Further additions have been made over the last 5 years including:  FSHK Forever Lady 774 by VDAR Rito 953 out of GDAR Forever Lady 11, the only Traveler 124 daughter of the great LT Forever Lady 395 GDAR.

SAV Bridgett 8411 by Bando 598 out of a daughter of Executive 727 is the dam of our former herd sire SAV New Day 2317 who was owned in partnership with Rita Partee, Fleur de Lis Farms who is also our cooperator herd for our ET work.

Woodhill Evergreen 400-258L by Three Trees Everready 55D out of a flush sister to Woodhill Triple Threat. SVF Primrose Lady 175K by Traveler 234D out of the great 194H Sunny Valley donor who was a maternal sister to the tremendous muscle sire SVF Bandolier.

Rally Edwina 403F

Tullyfergus Peg 205 by Traveler 23-4 out of Harmony Hill Peg 013. Owned in partnership with Steve Packard. Rally Edwina 403F a super EXT daughter out of a High Pockets / Scotch Cap bred dam.

In addition we will flush several cows of our own breeding including daughters and grand daughters of our foundation 184 cow. Many of our 2006 calves will be sired by a 5175 son of 184.

'Tullyfergus Mr Bando 192'

See 2006 calf sires page for more info.