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Coo's an a' that

Our cowherd stems from the great founding families of the Angus Breed.

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Represented are Miss Burgess, Beauty, Blackbird, Juana Erica and Ariadne.

In addition, we have added Forever Lady, Katinka, Tibbie, Peg Edwina, Ethelda, Evergreen and Primrose Lady.

Through AI, ET and judicious use of home bred sires to tie together superior producing cow families, we seek to build predictable, profitable and functional cattle.

The base is a cow herd that performs under commercial conditions and that produces bulls that deliver calving ease, fertility, growth, carcass quality and longevity.

Bulls are our primary focus - when we design matings for our cow herd the first thought is ‘will this make a good herd bull prospect for our commercial customers’?

In turn we expect our cows to produce male and female progeny that are equally good.

If a cow produces bull calves that end up being steered on more than 2 occasions, then we will usually send her into our recipient herd providing the reasons for steering those calves was other than poor growth / performance due to lack of milk. If lack of milk is the problem, the cow is culled.

We develop our bulls and heifer replacements with minimal grain, preferring hay, baleage and corn silage. The cows, heifers and bulls are out wintered.