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2020 Commercial Tullyfergus Angus Influence Feeder Steers and Heifers

As with previous years we are offering commercial steer & heifer calves. As these calves were born from March thru June 1st we plan to follow a prescribed vaccination, weaning and backgrounding protocol therefore they sell for delivery on, or around November 20th, 2020.

The terms of sale for the steers and commercial heifers is outlined below. Steers & Heifers. The bidding will be based upon delivery November 15th - November 25th of part or the entire crop.

They are sold weaned, vaccinated for respiratory (Vista Once SQ) clostridial (Vision 7 + Somnus) & Mycoplasma (Myco-B One Dose), de-wormed and bunk broke. Buyers are not responsible for any calves who, for whatever reason, after the sale 26th September 2020, (death, injury, sickness etc) are not able to leave on the scheduled delivery date. We guarantee that only healthy calves will be delivered to the buyer(s).

Bid price is based upon a 550lb average weight with a $5/cwt slide. The average weight will be determined by dividing the number of steers or heifers by the net weight of those steers on a trailer weight. For example, if the bid price on the steers is $1.50/lb and the average weight of the steers is 600lbs then the price will slide back 2.5c/lb so the cost per lb will be $1.475

Payment for the calves is due upon delivery. Trucking costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

There are approximately 130 steers and 60 heifer calves that will be offered for sale. These calves will not be on site for the sale however they are available for inspection at any time prior to the sale.

In addition, there is 1 lot of straight Angus summer yearlings (6 steers, 8 heifers) from one consignor that will sell. These have also received the same vaccination protocol and will be available for delivery on October 15th, 2020. They will sell on a 750lb basis with the same 5c slide.

These calves will be bid off via conference call on Saturday September 26th, 2020 at 5pm. We will furnish call-in details to anyone interested in bidding on these calves.

Any questions on the commercial heifers and feeder steers, please contact Robert Groom 315/573-2569.

Registered Angus top quality heifer calves & bred heifers from the heart of our herds, productive brood cows, commercial Angus based feeder steers & replacement quality heifer calves.